Change Making Leadership Academy from BizWest Media northern Colorado

Why Change Leadership?

YOU are responsible for leading change

Your colleagues, employees, and community look up to you as a leader and expect direction to come from you.

As a springboard for building skills to successfully connect people and support your organization’s high-level goals, this series is custom-tailored to empower you as a current, or rising, team leader. You will join a diverse cohort of dedicated local Colorado professionals to address real leadership challenges and management pain-points. With guidance from our executive educators, you will emerge personally and professionally transformed, and ready to drive sustainable change for your business.


if you could:

Retain star performers while supporting their growth

Engage key people (even when they’re working remotely)

Strengthen your commitment to change leadership

Reinforce a culture of leadership

Leverage your creativity and ideas

Widen your perspective to see all opportunities

We get it

Change is hard

No one has done exactly what you’re doing before

  • There’s no formula to follow
  • Success is not guaranteed
  • The pressure keeps building

Change efforts can fizzle or implode

  • The risks are real
  • It’s a heavy weight
  • You worry… a lot

Learn to embrace change

Only $3,500. Save $1,000 when you register two people by Feb. 24, 2023!

Build skills for real world problems

Our program builds more self-aware, effective, and ethical leaders through real-world workplace challenges. That means…

  • No more colleagues quitting because they’re burnt out
  • No more frustration from slow progress
  • No more missing the mark

Only $3,500

Receive $1,000 off when you sign up two people before 1/31/2023!

“The ECHO listening profile was something that will stick with me for the rest of my career. In addition to really seeing how I listen, learning how to effectively communicate with diverse listening profiles is a priceless attribute.”

“The most productive and meaningful was the small group and 1-on-1 work that we did. To be able to talk with and listen to my peers was valuable time that you don’t always get with coworkers or others in business.”